Zoology Day

This year we are celebrating ZOODAY on 10th Jan 2014
We celebrate zoology day "RATUFA" on 23rd of December every year.
("RATUFA"The Indian giant squirrel, or Malabar giant squirrel, (Ratufa indica)
All zoology student and the zoologist come together and celebrate the day by arranging various competitions, quiz and games related with the Zoology.
2011 year it happen on 23rd December 2011 these are some moments of the day
Welcome To Zoology Day

Welcome to zoology day ( Snail in rangoli)

Zoological Rangoli competition
Here, in this competition participant have to make a rangoli with zoological topics
Penguin in Rangoli

Red cotton bug in rangoli

SAVE Dolphins in Rangoli

Frog brain in Rangoli

Heron in Rangoli

Ecosystem in rangoli

Fairy shrimp in rangoli

Unicellular organism

A peacock

Aginst female foeticide

 Here, participants have to made a zoological models from vegetables.

Penguin from brinjal and cotton

Tortoise, crocodile and snake model from vegetables.

Penguin, duck, rabbit etc form vegetables.

Dog from vegetables

Octopus, penguin, dog form vegetables.

A crocodile resting on stone in pond


Organizing zoologist of Zoo-day

Celebration of Zooday 2010-2011
zoological Rangoli competition

Ratufa 10th Jan 2015

The Zoology Day ‘Ratufa’. This year various events like Quiz, Animals out of Vegetables and Fruits, Zoological Rangoli, Treasure Hunt etc. were organized. The students participated in all these events enthusiastically. An educational Movie, “Delhi Safari” was also shown to the students as a part of extracurricular activity.

This year celebration of zoology Day